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Ron Paul The Conservative

Will Wilkinson’s article on Ron Paul’s reactionary nationalistic libertarianism is great stuff.  So long as Paul stands no chance of being elected, he’s a welcome piece of resistance to certain evils of the Republican party, but he’s not much of a libertarian and he’d make a terrible president.



Fair points all: Huckabee’s Fair Tax zeal and Paul’s anti-Fed enthusiasm are genuinely foolish…But if you’re going to be hard on the current crop of Republican candidates for making bogus claims about public policy, it seems awfully unfair to leave out the candidate given to running ads in which he announces: “I know that reducing taxes produces more revenue. The Democrats don’t know that. They don’t believe that.” (They don’t believe it, of course, because in the current fiscal landscape you can’t find a serious conservative economist who thinks it’s true.) (Ross Douthat)

This is why I tend to think that Mitt Romney is the best major republican candidate by a smidge. That said, I’m not completely convinced that Ron Paul’s economic beliefs are really much crazier than wanting to go to war with Iran (as Giuliani recently seemed to).

I can’t remember where, but today I read someone who said that Paul’s outlook seems to be “foreigners are bad, and so are people who mess with your money in any way whatsoever.”  Perhaps that’s what is so off-putting about the range of policies he advocates.