I’m Justin Blank, a fourth year grad student in philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, working towards my Ph.D.  By nature, I’m a philosophical omnivore, but I’m now saying I’d like to write on the Humean theory of reasons (yes, yes…it does come in several flavors, and I’m not going to specify which one).  Before I came here, I did math and philosophy at UNC-Chapel Hill, where I got to work with Bill Lycan on the philosophy of mind.

It occurs to me that I first started a blog in 2000 or 2001 so I’ve been doing this for rather a long time, even if I did entirely skip 2004. I’m still not sure I get the point of the activity, and I’m comforted by the thought that everything before 2005 has been lost into the ether. Over time, I’ve come to write mostly about politics. Something about the format rubs me the wrong way for posting philosophical work.

If you want to reach me via email, it’s [my first name].[my last name]@gmail.com.

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  1. Hey, I saw you reppin the Steelers on Coates’ blog so I check out your site. I like it a lot. Glad to see you enjoy Pittsburgh, or at least Steelers football.