A Boycott Won’t Hurt BP Much

The NYTimes has published a bit of unwelcome information for anyone who is boycotting BP service stations–there’s almost no connection between the oil that BP pumps out of the ground and the gas that is sold at BP franchises. Refineries buy and process oil from multiple companies, then sell gasoline that is not derived from any single company’s oil (updated for clarity). BP eventually adds some additives, but they are a small portion of the cost per gallon, and don’t give BP a ton of profit. Lastly, the service stations are primarily franchises, and BP would prefer to sell the few that it owns.


3 responses to “A Boycott Won’t Hurt BP Much

  1. I couldn’t disagree more! That NYT article is a load of one-sided, disingenuous rubbish. Analyse it closely and you’ll see how distorted it is. Doing something is better than doing nothing!

  2. I think a close analysis would mention the claims about refineries.

  3. Doing something would be joining the Buycott BP movement: http://buycottbp.wordpress.com/