Our Friends At The INS

From Tyler Cowen:

More than two months after the earthquake that devastated Haiti, at least 30 survivors who were waved onto planes by Marines in the chaotic aftermath are prisoners of the United States immigration system, locked up since their arrival in detention centers in Florida.

The full and outrageous story is here.  Their “crime,” by the way, is not having proper visas.  Some were pulled from the rubble of the earthquake and none have criminal histories.

What I’ve come to realize over the past several months is that while I’m no libertarian, the issues that I feel most strongly about and the issues that I am most confident about are almost all libertarian causes–though often also liberal causes.   More to come on that topic when I have time for a real post.

Update 1: The 30 Haitians mentioned in the article have been released from detention.  It appears that they were released before I posted–one day after the NYTimes reported on their case.

Update 2: At least one friend suggests that this post reveals I’m not very good at introspection–she claims that my most cherished political ideas have been clear for quite a long time.  I suspect people who know me outside of the internet will have more insight than blog readers on this subject.


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