A Paper Of Mine

I never did actually write anything on here about the topic of disagreement, but I wrote an essay on the subject, and this week I submitted it to Karl to finish one of my courses (ED: you ask how I submitted it to finish a course in mid-late February? That’s just how things work around these parts).  Structurally, the paper is a mess, and it falls well short of what I’d aim for in a complete treatment of the topic, but I think the ideas are not all bad.

I’m posting the paper for anyone who wants to read it.  Buyer beware.  Also, since it’s unfinished work, I’ll probably take it down at some point, when I either start revising or put the topic on the back burner.  As you might guess, it’s not to be redistributed or cited, but I’d be happy to hear comments, either here or by email.


3 responses to “A Paper Of Mine

  1. Doh! You wrote my paper. (Sort of; not really)

    You’re a better writer, it seems (or you spent lots of time making it conceptually tidy? -say yes). Want to read a sloppier version of your paper with more junk about what counts as a reason to believe and why the EWV sucks?

  2. Woah, never mind. This is not my paper.

    (You can still read mine, though.)

  3. Send it along.

    I don’t know about conceptual tidiness, but the weird thing about this paper is that it has parts that have been picked over forever, and then parts that were added very very late. I’ll have to reread what I’ve written, but right now, it feels like a weird combination of overwritten and careless.