Quote Of The Day

If Superfreakonomics wanted a calm and rational debate, this chapter would have been called something like: “Geoengineering: Issues in Relative Cost Estimation of SO2 Shielding”, and the book would have sold about five copies.

The title of the post is “Rules for Contrarians: 1. Don’t whine.  That is all.”  Another beautiful quotation follows it:

“In general, whatever “global cooling” meant, it was put on the cover in full knowledge of the impression it would give to a normal reader so once more, it is not legitimate to complain that this phrase was interpreted in the way in which it was intended to be interpreted.”

My personal take for most damning thing I read about Superfreakonomics is Ezra Klein’s claim that they used nearly meaningless statistics to make their argument that walking drunk is more dangerous than driving drunk.  If true, it’s a “your license to play a professor in public has been revoked” kind of error.


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