The Highbrow Life

I’m obviously flattered that Go is the game of the highbrow, according to a 1949 issue of Life magazine, but having played both, I wouldn’t say it’s a more highbrow game than bridge.  I like it better, but I wouldn’t say it’s a better game than bridge.

Even more confusing, Go’s footprint in the US was extremely small in 1949. Not even many highbrow individuals would have played it, even if they’d heard of it.

2 responses to “The Highbrow Life

  1. Bridge has simply been too popular during the history of the US to ever be highbrow.

    Also, bridge is a good game for playing badly, which damages its highbrow credentials.

    I’ve been meaning to call you — what would be a good time?

  2. I get that. Today there’s a lot of anime loving kids playing go for it to be truly highbrow.

    Most anytime would work. Worst that will happen is that I don’t pick up.