I Am The Anti-Plato

When one wishes to exercise the mind, one should lavish treats on the body.  I’m drinking soda, eating candy bars, and finishing with bourbon and valium tonight.

…Well, I do ascribe to the theory–since college started, I’ve always written papers with various tasty but unhealthy things on hand, but today only the soda has actually happened.  No candybars or valium in sight, and we’ll have to wait until much later to see about the bourbon.

Recently, my soda of choice has been Boylan Black Cherry, which is made with cane sugar.  The first time I tried it, it was like giving crack to an addict, but I’m no longer rocking back and forth when I go into withdrawal.  I highly recommend trying it.

I also highly recommend gawking at the list of colas in Wikipedia’s template for them (at the bottom of the Boylan Bottling Company page).  Andy Warhol said that in America, everyone drinks the same coke, but there appears to be an awful lot of variations.


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