Fish In A Barrel Pt. N

“The other side has said they will not move forward with an initiative until they are sure they can win,” said Frank Schubert, a spokesman for, the leading group behind Proposition 8. “That day is not going to come.” (NYT article about whether to challenge proposition 8 in 2010 or 2012)

The level of denial here is amazing.  Perhaps California will maintain proposition 8 for a few years.  But I have no doubt that if my children are gay, there will be at most a handful of states that prohibit their marriages in 2036.  Perhaps none.  Nor do I think this is a judgment driven by optimism–I’m hedging my bets by putting it off until 2036.  And we may well have a federal right to marry by that point.

I think the article is definitely worth reading, although none of the factual information is surprising.  When proposition 8 first passed, I just assumed it would be overturned as soon as possible, that its passage depended on complacency by its opponents and sheer dumb luck.  I can’t imagine how hard it has to be to say “no, we can’t fight this for another two years.”


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