Rush’s Limbaugh’s Newest Bit Of Crazy

Just a quick note, in case you haven’t properly maintained your belief that Rush Limbaugh is crazy.  He’s a birther.  That is, he’s one of the people who believes that Barack Obama has not satisfactorily demonstrated that he was born in the United States, and that there’s a serious threat that he is therefore ineligible to have become President.

I guess this actually counts as pretty tame stuff, compared to saying that Hilary Clinton had Vince Foster murdered, a theory that Rush was still name checking during the 2008 primaries.


2 responses to “Rush’s Limbaugh’s Newest Bit Of Crazy

  1. Actually, until now, Rush has been dismissive of the people questioning the President’s Constitutional right to serve.

    It’s quite simple business – as John McCain demonstrated – to prove one’s 2nd article qualifications. Just produce the candidate’s long-form birth certificate.

    Simple, and 300,000,000 American citizens would have done so 18 months ago without spending a million dollars to prevent it’s release.

    It is simple, it’s transparent, and the country moves on. So let’s do so and move on.

  2. I certainly hope Rush was dismissive of the birthers–it would be a small point in his favor. But it does seem like this wasn’t the only time he suggested he supported them.

    As for the accuracy of the birth certificate, you can find news stories in that Marc Ambinder thread which state that officials from Hawaii who have seen the birth certificate have stated that it confirms Obama’s birth in Hawaii.