What Are They Thinking?

I have a long Iran related post that’s mostly done, but we’ll have to wait until at least tomorrow morning (at which time I’ll pray that it hasn’t become outdated.  That’s not because my blogging is so important, but because my post will be outdated if the violence escalates).

However, I wanted to highlight a NYTimes report: Iran Admits Discrepancies In 3 Million Votes.  Specifically, the votes concern polling areas where more votes were cast than there were voters.  The Guardian council has admitted that this occurred in at least 50 cities, though Moussavi has alleged it was 80-170.

What I do not understand is how they can maintain their stance in light of this admission.  In reading the article, I found that they have not strictly admitted fraud–they gave the explanation that individuals were legally allowed to vote other than where they were registered.

Still, to admit such a large discrepancy without calling for major investigations beggars belief.  For more than a week now, the Iranian regime has been acting unjustly, but this is the first time I have been baffled by their actions.


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