Time Moves In A Circle On Cable News

During a long layover in Philadelphia Tuesday, I had the chance to watch a lot of Wolf Blitzer.  This is a surreal experience, since he apparently pitched a four hour show with the idea that no one would watch more than half an hour at a time.  Viewers come and go, so Blitzer just repeats segments of the show.  We get Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination, the kid who ran away from chemo, prop 8, and occasionally Obama’s snub from Nevada (or is it vice versa?), and then a repeat.  Each segment has different talking heads phone in, but it’s pretty hard to tell them apart.

By all objective standards, Blitzer is a privileged member of American society, but this sounds like a horrible life.  He’s get’s a ton of money and in exchange acts like a political version of Didi and Estragon.

Nor is he exactly rescued by the content of his show.  Another way he might have pitched the show is “no argument too stupid to consider.”  Yesterday, the subject of Sotomayor’s diabetes was mentioned during each segment–the thought being that it might impact her longevity on the court, but her diabetes is apparently well-controlled.  And as far as I see, the only people who’ve even mentioned her diabetes are mainstream media figures like Blitzer who’ve decided, on who knows what grounds, that it’s newsworthy.


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