Organization Tools

I’m beginning to think my organizational strategy of “trying to remember everything interesting I read in my head” may not be the best.  So I’m looking for tools to take the load off of my poor aching brain.  Do any of you use Evernote/Yojimbo/Devonthink/Zotero/other things I can’t remember offhand? If so, are they any good? Once I get my act together, I’ll probably start using BibTek for citations, so I don’t think I need a tool that’s primarily aimed at bibliographies.

Update: My experience so far is that Evernote is obnoxious and clunky.  On to a trial version of Yojimbo.


2 responses to “Organization Tools

  1. yeah i’m a big fan of zotero. *when* it works right, it’s great to be able to just click a button in firefox and have a citation saved automatically without me having to think about how to file it…

  2. Perhaps the biggest thing that could annoy me with Zotero is that the VPN for accessing e-journals off campus is only compatible with Safari, not Firefox.