A Moratorium on Clever Journalists, Plz

This NYT article spends 550 words on topic of how the first televised press conferences of the Obama and Bush presidencies bore an “eerie  similarity” to each other.  Some of the parallels sound plausible–each conference featured a president who was enjoying extremely high approval while facing a crisis.  It’s a thought worth tweeting.  

But for 550 words and mention on the main page of the Times website, you might expect an explanation of how the parallels matter.  Naturally, no explanation is forthcoming.  

Here’s something Alessandra Stanley could have said: “Each president uses the crisis to get their pet policies without proper scrutiny or debate.”  Certainly Bush did that, and many conservatives think the stimulus bill is full of pork for the Democrats.  It’s such a likely line of attack that I initially read the article that way.  But look for yourself: there’s not even an insinuation, just a faintly negative tone.


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