Consolation Prizes

I couldn’t agree more with Aubrey Sarvis’s plea: “Please, Mr. President, No More Studies“, even if it does use the phrases “Yes you can” and “…is about change”.  Either the political imperatives justify waiting a year to scrap the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy or they don’t.  If they do, then be honest.  If they don’t, then push the issue now.  Obama has already promised to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, so studying the issue doesn’t even make sense–he must either be confident in the outcome or plan to ignore the contents of the study.  

Does the decision to study the issue really persuade anyone except the most bureaucratically minded segment of the electorate?Picture a man wearing a bluetooth headset  while watching three webinars at once.  In between refreshing Robert Scoble’s friendfeed, he glances at CNN, sees the headline, and thinks “Now THAT is leadership!  Obama took a hard situation and made EXACTLY the right decision.”


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