Quote of the Day

I’ll cop to being genuinely interested in the potential of Facebook to keep me in touch with friends, introduce me to strangers, and provide low-grade constant novelty, but I still killed my account recently. The main reason was that Facebook was showing me my peripheral acquaintances — high school classmates, spouses of friends — at their least appealing, and I realized that charity demanded I stop learning just how needy and insecure they could seem when they put their minds to it. As my network of quote-unquote friends grew, that much-touted “network effect” compounded the problem — Facebook is like a breeder reactor of solipsistic fatuity. (Matt Frost)

Temperament matters.  Do you combine unabashed interest in the exploits and opinions of everyone you know with an easy indifference to their excesses? If, on the other hand, you linger over inanities, then Web 2.0 is not for you.


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