Off Topic

I’m going to be in class starting at 12:30, so I won’t catch a moment of Obama’s inauguration live.  I’m at Voluto Coffee (more about which in a moment, I suppose), which has had a radio broadcast of pre-inauguration festivities on for an hour or so, but I’ve been listening to Girl Talk for most of that time.  

I’m still very optimistic about what will come from an Obama presidency.  I suspect that I’ve written more critical than positive things about him since the election, but that’s because it’s so much easier to find a voice for criticism than for optimism–it’s too easy to say something absurd.  This morning, I was shocked, in a good way, by the thought that we’re going to have a black president.  So the sense that this is a historic event, and that it will be a huge change from the past eight years is worth having.  But who watches an inauguration? 

I don’t know how to defend this, but my gut reaction is that people have lost perspective.  See the t-shirts and the billboards. Remember that pride goes before a fall.


One response to “Off Topic

  1. Agreed on all counts. I think it’s reasonable to regard the Obama election as a sort of micro-revolution, with all of the attending possibilites and pitfalls.