Republican Wish Fulfillment

In general, it’s far too early for speculation about 2012, but fight fire with fire.  Here’s David Frum:

And when he holds out the hypothesis of a Hillary run in 2016, I think I hear him saying that what he’s really worried about is a Hillary putsch in 2012—either a primary challenge to President Obama or an attempt to muscle her way onto the ticket in place of Joe Biden.

On the one hand, Frum does not explain why there would be a 2012 putsch.  On the other, it’s a very stupid idea–how could a primary challenge give Clinton a chance to be president in 2012?

Attempts to find conflict between Obama and Clinton started off on the basis of real policy disagreements and acrimony during the primaries, but they’ve now just reached a level of self-perpetuating absurdity.


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