Goin’ Rogue

Is Shep Smith making some kind of play to be the good guy on Fox News? The whole clip is delightful, but the parts with Joe the Plumber and Shep Smith come from 4:00-6:00: 

It seems I cannot embed Daily Show videos.

It’s not just that he rebuts Joe’s crazy claims here, but that he shows genuine disgust.  The sense that some things are beyond the pale is often lacking in the media.  

Here Shep is taking shots at Ralph Nader, someone a Fox anchor would be disposed to dislike, but it’s still good:

Lastly, he defends the media as not being in the tank for Obama.  Part of that’s a media guy just wanting to defend other people in the media, but Fox has made it’s name trying to discredit the mainstream media and provide an alternate perspective.

I’d never heard of Shep Smith until I saw these three clips over the past week.  Half of me wants to watch his show, half of me doesn’t want to ruin my mental picture of “the honest guy at Fox news.” (Note: I purposely have not watched any other youtube clips, so I can write this post in proper ignorance).


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