Every Year

I think about the Presidential race or the Senate races and then late the night before the election, I realize that there’s also state and local elections.  Worse, I moved to Pittsburgh in 2006 and hang out with a bunch of out of staters, so I don’t have the knowledge of candidates you accumulate over time.  I’m left asking questions like “what congressional district do I live in?”  A protest vote of straight ticket libertarian would probably be the most informed choice I could make at this point.


5 responses to “Every Year

  1. Definitely vote for the libertarian in the attorney general race; she’s the only non-crazy one of the bunch.

  2. Whoa. Libertarians? What?

  3. BTW, We’re in Congressional District PA 14 and our congressman is Mike Doyle, who’s a pretty good guy, from what I understand.

    Also, seriously, do not vote for anyone other than a Democrat in a congress or senate race. Majorities are the name of the game. I don’t so much care about elected government officials outside of the federal legislature, I guess.

  4. The good and the bad from wikipedia:

    Doyle is considered to be somewhat more moderate than conventional wisdom would suggest for such a heavily Democratic district. He opposes abortion, supported a constitutional amendment prohibiting flag desecration, and supported a bill limiting federal death penalty appeals. However, he supports LGBT issues.

    He voted against authorizing military force in Iraq and against the $87 billion emergency spending bill to fund US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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