I Can Has Better Conservatives, Kthx?

Jay Nordliner post 1: We should elect McCain, because he stands up to bullies, just like Reagan did.

Jay Nordliner post 2: I infuriate liberals by pointing out how their thought is consistently childlike in nature.

He wrote those posts within 45 minutes of each other–how didn’t he notice that?  It’s not just that the word ‘bullies’ is too banal for Saddam Hussein or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  It’s how thoroughly the metaphor of standing up to bullies fits with neoconservative thought.  Like there’s just a bunch of bullies in the schoolyard, and they’re just being mean for the hell of it, but if someone stands up to them it’ll all be ok. It’d be really nice if things worked that way, but we actually have to deal with the real world.

I think it’s good to read mainstream conservative writers, for all sorts of reasons, but I’m not sure I can handle the corner.  It’s like clown college over there.  Folks like Douthat, Larison or the guys at the American scene tend to be too heterodox here.  Does anyone have recommendations for me?


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