I have a hard time getting worked up about the fact that the RNC has spent a lot of money on hair, makeup and clothing for Sarah Palin.   We’re talking an obscene amount of money.  More than $50,000, in fact.

So yeah, campaigns shouldn’t spend money in that fashion.  The trick is cashing out the particular force of that ‘should’.  Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and makeup are part of improving the appearance of her campaign, which is an essential task with her ghastly counterpart.  But no one reasonable complains about the fact that “that one” spends a bajillion dollars on advertising, which just exists to improve the image of his campaign.  If you object that advertising is an important part of our political discourse that helps inform people, then you really need to get your head checked.

Now, if you wanted to make a point about sexism, then you’d be shooting fish in a barrel.

Add-on: A natural point is that if Palin keeps the clothing, she’s being lavishly treated with campaign funds.  I tend to balk there, though I could point out that POTUS or even the candidates effectively have an army of servants.  There was one cute time where John McCain’s campaign mobilized seven cars for him to go out and get coffee at a Starbucks.  I do not think that giving $50,000 in clothing to the VP candidate is a good thing to do, but you’d be hard pressed to find a real distinction here.

But by all means, stick it to the bastards! And this time, the bastards aren’t just Republicans, but everyone living in that kind of privileged and inhuman realm.

Further add-on: Here’s a post on the legal question. Needless to say, if they’re breaking campaign law, screw-em.


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