Cho and Iyama (Again)

Awhile back, I commented on the Meijin match starting.  Iyama Yuta took a 2 game lead, which surprised many people.  In fact, he won the first game by 5.5 points.  Ishida Yoshio called it a masterpiece, and Cho couldn’t find a losing move, both signs that Iyama’s play was impressive.  However, Cho then won 2 games, evening the score.  Meanwhile, Cho won their game, making him the challenger for the Oza.  Cho also subsequently won the right to challenge for the Tengen.  Along with the Gosei (which he has already defended) that means Cho could end up holding 4 of the top 7 Japanese titles this year.  He also has advanced quite far in the qualifying tournament for next year’s Judan.

Lastly, Iyama is playing Yoda Norimoto to decide who will challenge for next year’s Kisei.


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