First Reactions

The ticker at the bottom of the debate is the best development ever.  It’s like crack for political junkies.  

I’m not sure I can get a feel for the overall effect from watching the graph, but it’s clear that Palin is doing much better than most predictions.

I can’t judge how the substance appears to people.  As far as manner goes, Biden looks too angry, and he talks too much, but he has gotten some good lines in.  “With all due respect, I didn’t hear a plan” [after Palin’s answer].

I’m pretty sure Biden just gritted his teeth before responding to Palin (she might have been lying in the comment before, but I’m not entirely sure).  That can’t be good for him.

Subtle: “…the bush doctrine…” “a team of mavericks!”

Palin asked what her weakness was.  She did not appear to understand what the question was.  Neither did Biden…


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