Making Social Security an Issue

Strategically, I wonder why Obama has never hit McCain on social security, since McCain’s views are toxic for his base of support–White folks over 65.  Perhaps it’s because the social security issue is iffy for Obama’s base–folks under 30.

Substantively, I don’t know what to think about social security.  I sort of weakly hold a Democratic line, since that’s maybe what you do when you’re a Democrat.  But as a matter of fact, I don’t get social security.  It doesn’t make any sense, down in my belly, that we should depend on a government program for our retirement.  It’s a really dissatisfying argument that people are such bad investors, even if that’s true.  Then the payroll tax is just a disaster in terms of both efficiency and fairness.  Lastly, the social security surplus encouraged fiscal irresponsibility for most of the late 20th century.  On the whole, I’m really confused (wanna explain it to me?)

That was all a leadup to saying that it’s October 1st. The election is in a month, and social security hasn’t become an issue, so it’s not going to become one now, even if it would’ve been a good idea for Obama.


2 responses to “Making Social Security an Issue

  1. Hey Justin –

    The Obama campaign is hitting McCain on social security, some. For example, this ad is currently running:

    I think this might be an issue they ramp up on as we get closer to the election.

  2. Interesting to see that ad. I wonder where it’s running–I haven’t seen it on the teevee here.