Bill Clinton

Ta-Nehisi Coates asks why we should care what Bill Clinton thinks, when he’s been such a negative presence in this year’s election.  The answer sure isn’t anything good that Clinton has done for the Democratic party this year.  He only mattered counterfactually, because he could have done so much good if he hadn’t spent so much of the past year being terribly petty.  The best evidence I can give is a video from last year:

That righteous anger is exhilarating.  I remember when I first heard about Max Cleland–it was one of the worst abuses of 9/11 by the Republican party.  I’ll count is as a good thing if I never stay so naive as to be shocked by that kind of stunt.  The point is, if things had gone differently, Clinton could have been a really powerful advocate for the Democratic party.  Instead he just threw that away, along with a lot of his dignity.  Of course as a Democratic hero, Clinton has been letting us down since the 90s.  My political consciousness was largely born during those years, reading articles in The Nation that detailed his failings.


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