I Don’t Like Eye Contact Either

I’m wondering if John McCain’s failure to look at Obama during the debates will play the role that Gore’s sighing did in 2000.  It seems to have been picked up as a commentariat story about his performance–one that people may or may not have noticed or cared about beforehand.  I was too busy eating delicious, delicious lamb to watch the debates, but look at some short clips, both I and Miss Lady were inclined to parse it as discomfort–he looked ill at ease (of course the low-status monkey theory has bearing here).  

If I were in the debate, I wouldn’t have been making eye contact, so I don’t know that I can care about McCain not doing so.  If you wanted to push this as a real story, you’d want some clearer evidence of contempt–I have heard the story that McCain’s inner circle does have a real contempt for Obama.

Damn: looks terrible in a series of photos.


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