As we all know, debates in the modern era are decided not based on which candidate is more impressive, nor on the substance of what they say, but based on who beats expectations.  No one thought Bush was winning the debates in 2000, but he showed up with his shoes tied, and no one called it beforehand.  Given that, it’s pretty clear that Obama is the favorite:

Obama Carries Uneven Record to First Contest
McCain Brings a Style Honed in and Out of Politics

If anything, the articles that follow are more polarized than the headlines: Obama comes across as aloof and ineffectual, while McCain is portrayed as a nasty sonofagun, capable of unfairly smearing any opponent.  The only better news for Obama would be if the articles mentioned his extreme disfluency–when he’s not delivering prepared speeches, he’s incapable of finishing a sentence without including several “uh”s.


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  1. yeah — the debates are going to be HUGE!