Technical Problems

I had an altogether novel problem with my macbook today.  I wanted to switch between Spaces (virtual desktops).  While I hit the ctrl-up and ctrl-down key combinations a few times (perhaps I was indecisive, or maybe I had alien hand syndrome–I can’t quite remember what I did or why).  That’s when the problem started:

The computer is switching back and forth between two spaces repeatedly. Despite some flailing at the keyboard, it lasted long enough for me to get my camera from the office.  I then hit the power button to restart the computer.  It sorta worked:

The quality of that video is probably too poor to tell, but that’s the shutdown dialogue that appears, then gets moved around with everything else.  After aiming carefully, I hit sleep.  When I woke up the computer, the problem continued, but this time I restarted, which thankfully gave me my computer back. I’ve not figured out how to recreate the problem.


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