Two Stupid Things

I can only assume that it is the creator’s unhealthy love for sympathy that gives us “John McCain invented the Blackberry” to balance out “Al Gore Invented the Internet.”  Let’s hope it has less staying power.

I just found out today that those pictures of Sarah Palin holding a rifle while dressed in an American Flag bikini were photoshopped.  On top of all the other reasons photoshopping candidates is bad, it was a remarkably ineffective fake.  I saw, thought “huh, that’s tacky,” and went on with my life, my opinion of Palin largely unharmed.

You should not construe this post as an endorsement of any other fake controversies currently circling the tubes.


2 responses to “Two Stupid Things

  1. I don’t think it ever occurred to me that they weren’t photoshopped.

  2. Myaahhh! My name is Kevin, and I’m sooooooo clever about things that appear on the internets! Myahhh!