Here’s an invitation, one that’s not a bad idea.  I’d really love to elevate my discourse, but…maybe next week? Onwards:

What the hell makes the McCain campaign continue with the claim that Sarah Palin opposed the bridge to nowhere? It hits the trifecta:

  1. It’s false, and they know it.
  2. It touches on an important campaign point.
  3. It has been prominently debunked, in sufficiently clear and unambiguous terms, with even the mainstream press endorsing the debunking.

The claim isn’t dead: I saw the “original mavericks” ad featuring it on TV, as well as clips from a Sarah Palin speech where she touted her opposition to the bridge.  So they’re brazenly continuing to lie about this story after they’ve been called out.

Since I’m a liberal, I guess I would think this is an order or magnitude worse than any shenangians perpetrated this campaign season any shenanigans not perpetrated by McCain this campaign season.  Although my of my readers are infected with the liberal, I will hold my feet to the fire: does anyone know of a comparable incident by the Obama campaign–some incident where they’ve prominently lied about an important issue? I’ll waive requirement 3–even if the media didn’t pick up on the lie, I’ll call this particular contest a tie.  Standard “I’ll promise you a pony” campaign trail rhetoric doesn’t count.  It’s bullshit that Obama talks about 5 million green jobs (where the heck did that number come from?) or McCain about “energy independence,”–seriously, ask me to rant about it some other day, and I will–but I’m looking for lies here.  Honorable mention if you come up with an Obama campaign lie that doesn’t meet requirement 2.

Side Note: Weird how I’ve ended up blogging so much about Palin. The fact that she’s generated so much interest is why the campaign chose her. So as a horse-race issue, it’s working. Really, John McCain is the one we should be focusing on, and I promise that so far as I comment on the presidential election, I’ll talk about him. Can we still be friends?


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