It’s incredibly clear what anti-abortion critics who praise Bristol Palin’s decision mean (but see Samantha Bee about the wording).  Under a legal regime that gives people a choice to engage in activities you view as immoral, you should praise individuals who refrain, even if you think the law should take that choice out of their hands.  This is especially true if their choice is outside of the statistical norm.  

(Nothing to see here, just a basic point of political analysis…)

One response to “Choice

  1. This is one of those things I don’t understand about the occasional oblvious blindness of some liberals. Why they’re all “Double standard!! OMG Bristol Palin is being PRAISED for a choice they DON’T EVEN WANT OTHER PEOPLE TO HAVE!!”

    Um, duh. This is what you do when you want other people to feel bad for doing something you don’t want them to do: you praise other people who don’t do it. There’s no hypocrisy here. Idiocy: sure. Hypocrisy: I don’t see it here.

    Caveat: obviously there are some assholes saying contradictory things about parenting, privacy, etc surrounding teenage pregnancy. But, um, hi. Welcome to politics. I’m over being shocked.