Cho U and Iyama Yuta

As I write this, the first round of the Meijin is being played, and I’m watching it on my computer.  As much as you can watch a match where the average move takes 3-9 minutes (random numbers).  So it goes on the third desktop of my computer.

The match is rather exciting, since Cho U is Japan’s top pro, and Iyama Yuta is the fastest rising young star.  By young star, I mean that he’s still 19.  I suppose the characterization of Cho could be argued, since there are really four very prominent professionals in the current generation.  However, Cho has won more of the seven major Japanese titles than any of the others, and is the only one of the four to win an international title.  Right now, he holds the Gosei and is trying to defend the Meijin against Iyama.  Cho also will soon play Ko Iso for the right to challenge for the Tengen, and will play …*drumroll* Iyama Yuta for the right to challenge for the Oza.  Lastly, Iyama currently leads the Kisei league with a 3-0 score.

I’m a Cho U fan, so I’m quite excited by this, but it’s also very interesting because Japan has trailed in the go world for the past twenty years, so each new star is watched very carefully.  Most Japanese pros also seem to reach their full potential later than their Korean or Chinese counterparts, so it’s also interesting that Iyama is so young.

Update: Iyama won the first game by 5.5 points.


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