Agents of Intolerance

It’s rare that a tweet merits is worth having a blog post written about it, but John Gruber nailed something that had been tripping up a lot of people.

Experience is the wrong word. Clearly, Obama supporters aren’t hung up on years in office. The right word is knowledge.

The other underappreciated nuance to McCain’s pick is that it’s antithetical to his maverick image.  This is important, because Palin’s reformist credentials are being spun as reflective of the real McCain.

Yet, according to the Times, the Christian right vetoed McCain’s personal preference, Joe Lieberman, and he appeased them by picking Palin.  These are the people who McCain called agents of intolerance in 2000, and it’s entirely reflective of the post 2004 McCain that he’d be so beholden to them now.

Followup: Noah Millman gives a very interesting reason why Lieberman would have been a terrible pick (I can’t endorse his title).  My point above was that McCain’s reasons for dropping Lieberman aren’t so good.  The official Blank line on this is that McCain got Gettiered.


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