Narcissism of Small Differences

Conversation between me and Amanda:

Amanda: “We’ll be driving a truck when we’re at home.”
Me: “That’s fine–I’ll just grumble about having to drive one.”
Amanda: “It’ll just be a Ford Ranger.”
Me: “Oooh! I love Ford Rangers!”

The other kind (F150s and so on) are just too big, but I learned to drive stick on a 12 year old Ford Ranger.

Oh yeah, I’ve finally tuned in to the convention for Obama’s speech.  In 2004, I was so ennervated by politics that I couldn’t watch the conventions, either Kerry or Bush.  So I suppose the difference indicates my part in the liberal celebrity worship of Obama.


One response to “Narcissism of Small Differences

  1. The funny part is that you’d rather drive one of my parents’ company trucks than just rent a car of our own. you are totally only marrying me because you think i’m going to be an heiress someday.