While We’re At It, Can Anyone Fix My Phone Battery?

Megan McArdle has a nice post up about batteries and technology based solutions to a post-oil economy.  There’s just one problem–a weird tangent about liberals was accidentally appended to it.

So far as I’m aware, the biggest proponents of “just throwing money at the problem” are folks like Jim Manzi†, or John McCain (who has proposed a $300 million prize for better batteries).  I don’t get why liberals are being singled out here.  Uncharitably, one might suggest that for all her pretentions to being a jolly good collegial member of the wonkosphere, McArdle just gets a kick out of liberal-bashing.  There are worse things that could happen to a blogger.

† I can’t seem to find a great citation for Manzi, beyond this Cato Unbound bit, so take my attributions as veritas-cum-granulo-salis!


3 responses to “While We’re At It, Can Anyone Fix My Phone Battery?

  1. Justin:

    I’ve actually argued against government investments in battery technology, including in the Cato that you cite.

    Jim Manzi

  2. Ouch! Serves me right for citing without thinking.

    I guess I conflated your position, which says that so far as there’s government involvement, it should take the form of support for research and innovation, with the particular issue of batteries.

  3. no problem…btw, I really like your blog