Pros vs. Amateurs at the Go Congress

Each year, the Go Congress gives an opportunity to see how America’s best amateur players compare to its professionals.  This year’s short answer is: the pros are better.  Kim Myung Wan won the US Open and Feng Yun won the Ing Masters.  The 4-1 band of the Ing Masters had 2 pros and 3 amateurs, while the 5 win band of the US Open had one pro and one amateur.

Lastly, there are new ratings after the congress

  1. Feng Yun 9.79 (Chinese 9p)
  2. Kim Myung Wan 9.59 (Korean 8p)†
  3. Jiang Ming Jiu 9.57 (Chinese 7p)
  4. Jie Lie 9.54 (American Amateur)
  5. Bi Jang 9.28 (Former Korean Insei–Amateur who had been training to become pro)
  6. Yin Kuo 9.25 (Chinese 3p?)
  7. Yang Yilun 9.25 (Chinese 7p)
  8. Song Hong Suk 9.20 (Amateur–Korean Insei, or “Yeongusaeng” as they’re called in Korea)
  9. Andy Liu 8.90 (American Amateur)
  10. Yang Huiren 8.87 (Chinese 1p)

Of the professionals, I believe only Kim Myung Wan and Yin Kuo have recently been active in a professional association.  Unfortunately, I do not know if Kim Myung Wan has played any rated games other than the 6 US Open games he won since coming to this country, so his rating may well not be accurate.


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