Coffee Roasting

Wandering around the Sweet Maria’s site, I found this pictorial guide to the stages of roasting coffee beans, just before I returned to roasting from a hiatus.  Hopefully it will still be interesting to the 99% of you who don’t roast your own coffee.  I also picked up a tip from them not to put your beans in a fully sealed container for the first 12 hours.

On that note, I’m increasingly aware of how unevenly an oven roasts the beans.  With a lighter roast, which is what I’ve been aiming for, the batch ends up being four different colors, so the variation is immediately apparent.  All this by way of saying that I’m now officially lusting after a couple of coffee roasters.  Or rather, I’m lusting after the state of having a coffee roaster.  I don’t know which of them I’d like.


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