John Edwards

Ross Douthat mocks Edwards for saying that his wife’s cancer was in remission when he had his affair.  I get the impulse to say that Edwards shouldn’t make any excuses, since the bottom line is that Edwards cheated on his wife.  But a large part of the reason Edwards was pilloried is the idea that he had been cheating on his dying wife.  Rightly so: between cheating on your wife and cheating on your dying wife, you cross a line from immoral behavior to contemptible behavior.

Maybe Edwards should’ve just been quiet and accepted whatever people wanted to throw at him–that’s often the more honorable way to go.  In spite of that, you can’t deny that he’s pointing out a real distinction that makes a difference in how bad his actions were.  For Ross to act like this is special pleading seems dishonest, and furthers suggestions that he’s got a double standard.

On a different note, here’s John Gruber quoting Edwards’ criticism of Bill Clinton.  Say “oops”…


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  1. The real question is how soon did Elizabeth really know? If she knew early, then she really screwed the Democrats by enabling her cheating husband to almost ruin Obama’s election. Think if Obama had tapped Edwards as VP. When did Elizabeth know?

  2. Elizabeth knew in 2006 about John’s sexual affair. Thanks for being such a great enabler, Elizabeth. John would be paying off blackmail to the Iranians next if he’d been elected!

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