Midnight’s Children

On the occasion of Midnight’s Children winning the “Best of the Booker” prize, the BBC had the cute idea of soliciting 67 word précises of the 672 page work.  The stated goal is to help those who haven’t read the book appear more erudite.  I read the book three years ago, and I doubt I could assemble a coherent précis of any length whatsoever.  I adored it, but it washed over me without leaving traces in my memory.  I think if I met someone who had any clear recollection of the book, I’d suspect that he had merely read the Cliff’s Notes.

Perhaps this is just another manifestation of the fact that I am a terrible reader.


One response to “Midnight’s Children

  1. I had the exact same reaction when I saw the BBC report yesterday. I know I loved the book, but all I remember specifically is that there were some children involved in paranormal activity somewhere in the beginning chapters. But I’m actually just getting that from the title and genre. Wasn’t there something to do with a hole in a bedsheet, or was that The Satanic Verses?