Fox News’ Media Relations

A New York Times article on Fox News mentions how the station was caught altering photos of reporters who’d posted stories which didn’t give Fox glowing coverage.  In response:

A spokeswoman said the executive in charge of “Fox and Friends” is on vacation and not available for comment but added that altering photos for humorous effect is a common practice on cable news stations.)

I rather suspect that’s not true, since it’s so easy to score points by pointing out the deception, but even if it was, I suspect that the practice just became a lot less common.  (For the initial incident, try this media matters bit).

Another simple and restrained comment on Fox’s tactics came earlier in the article:

Jacques Steinberg, a reporter at The New York Times who covers television, wrote a straight-up-the-middle ratings story about cable news. His article acknowledged that while CNN was using a dynamic election to push Fox News from behind, Fox was still No. 1. Despite repeated calls, the public relations people at Fox News did not return his requests for comment. (In a neat trick, while they were ignoring his calls, they e-mailed his boss asking why they had not heard from him.)

That said, the article has a little bit of deserved outrage:

In a technique familiar to students of vintage German propaganda, [Steinburg’s] ears were pulled out, his teeth splayed apart, his forehead lowered and his nose was widened and enlarged

[Bill Carter] was appalled to see what he viewed as an anti-Semitic caricature of Mr. Steinberg


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