Judging by this page about rediscovered scenes from Metropolis, one of the most famous silent movies, but one which had been missing many scenes for 80 years, machine translation has entered pernicious new territory.  Unlike years ago, when machine translation produced obvious crap, it seems that it now produces sentences which only reveal themselves to be incoherent upon close inspection.

It was the most expensive German film, which it previously had. There should be a major attack on Hollywood. But critics and audiences was the film.

Was actually the set of sentences that made me finally realize that the translation didn’t make sense (I typically read too fast and comprehend too little).  On the other hand, there are perfectly sensible, if peculiar, sentences:

On Tuesday last week traveled Paula Felix-Didier in a secret mission to Berlin to get there with three film experts and editors of TIME magazine to meet.


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  1. It plays right into that idea that’s been bouncing around the Internet lately that nobody actually reads anything anymore. I didn’t read that article closely until probably the third time I looked at it, which is when I noticed that half of it was gibberish. But it’s about what I thought it was about.