What You Get for Using Blogger

This is probably the worst PR possible–a number of pro-Clinton or anti-Obama blogs hosted at blogspot were temporarily prevented from posting after being labelled spam.  There’s some absurd conspiracy theories that this reflects a pro-Obama bias, but there’s also rumors that some Obama supporters abused the feature for reporting spam blogs.  Of course, there’s no evidence of that yet, but for the sake of preemption: any such people are idiots as well as assholes.

A more plausible explanation is just that blogger is an awful system.  You might think that the world’s largest search engine would have a good way to deal with spam on its blogging service, but blogspot handles this stuff terribly.  I’ve previously had content scrapers or spam blogs linking to me from blogspot, and reporting them never did a damn bit of good.  In contrast, on the occasions when I’ve reported spam on wordpress, it’s usually been dealt with in a day, and I’ve been notified of that fact.


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