Reasons to Prefer McCain

The list is short enough, but I think it’s worth thinking through the list even if you’re strongly in the Obama camp, as I am.

  • He opposes the farm bill, Obama supports it.  Matthew Yglesias has the ironic take that this stand doesn’t count in McCain’s favor, but it’s hard to find stupider legislation.
  • In general, I think McCain takes a stronger stand on things like earmarks and pork than Obama.
  • He’s vowed to discontinue the practice of signing statements.  Obama said he might use them under restrictive circumstances.  Perhaps Obama’s position is strictly ok, but against the background of the Bush administration, I’d rather go too far in restricting executive power.
  • Obama was pushing a protectionist agenda in the primaries.  I don’t know how much he means it, or how many times it would come up during his presidency, but the principles are important here–he’s selling the people a solution that’s worse than nothing.  At best, these ideas will give certain people false hope.
  • Obama is a big supporter of ethanol, while McCain seems cold to it–the sole exception being his interest in removing the tariff on sugar-cane based ethanol, which is a no-brainer.  Obama is also a big supporter of clean coal.  Though these are individual issues where he loses, I still prefer Obama overall on energy policy–he’s got a more serious carbon reduction plan.

Am I missing things? (Things that might be compelling to someone like me, of course.)


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