The Washington Independent

I really like The Washington Independent: they do a mixture of political commentary and investigative journalism, and they cover a lot of subjects in depth that I’d never otherwise read about.  They also do live coverage of oversight hearings in a way that’s eminently readable.  But I was really confused by this sentence in a recent article:

TWI is a non-partisan, independent news site dedicated to putting national news in context.

I think the article is actually a press release–I’m not sure about that, but it reads like one.  Anyway, I was really surprised to find out that the organiation referred to itself as non-partisan.  Spencer Ackerman seems like the most prominent name that pops up in the feed I subscribe to, and there’s a lot of material alleging that Bush has hamstrung the EPA and other government agencies.  In general, the publication seems to be substantially left of center.  Perhaps I’ve been reading with rose-colored glasses, or perhaps there’s just an underlying good government focus that predictably creates anti-Bush stories.  I’ll be reading more carefully to try and figure this out from now on.


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