Obama’s Influence

Obama is responsible for every good development this country has seen for the past year, up to and including the ideal sourness for that loaf of bread rising in my kitchen (Ed: the bread is done and its freakin amazing–perfectly crisp crust and all.  I’m gonna hyperventilate if I keep thinking about how awesome I am at baking bread), but I’m not sure we can attribute John Kerry’s increased testicular fortitude to Obama.

What’s happened is that since 2005, Democrats have found that attacking Bush and the Reublican party is a risk-free gambit.  So we’ve seen a lot of unexpected figures going on the aggressive.  Obama is high profile, along with others like Pelosi, and I’m sure their examples are encouraging to others within the party, but everyone is being pushed along by the fundamentals.

On top of that, someone like John Kerry no longer has to explain why he voted for the Iraq war because he’s out of the spotlight.  When he was running for president, he had to defend his own judgment, while as a surrogate, he just has to make McCain look bad.  That’s one of the advantages Obama brings to the table–a consistent anti-war message for the entire Democratic party, without the kind of hemming and hawwing that doomed Kerry in ’04.

Side Note: Nothing can exceed the embarassingness of Scarlett Johansson’s crush on Obama.  Why, oh why, Scarlett?


One response to “Obama’s Influence

  1. Hey! Who taught you to make that perfect bread? It wasn’t Obama! I think I deserve some credit.