Question For You

Suppose you think that Clinton voters have been disenfranchised, and that this election has been handed to the people who disenfranchised them. You think you’re the only “real democrats” and that the party has been infiltrated by people who do not care about it.  You think that Clinton is the only one capable of representing you.

How do you deal with the fact that Clinton just endorsed Obama, if you think Obama represents everything bad about the party right now?

I think if you’re honest with yourself, I think you have to say “she just sold us out, she abandoned us, she never really cared.”  Maybe you say that she was humiliated and coerced into giving the endorsement.  But coerced how? With loss of power in a corrupt party that has already sold her out?

No, I think given your worldview, you have to say that you’ve been sold out by the candidate you trusted and counted on to represent you.

That should give you pause.

Because maybe, just, maybe, Clinton isn’t that sort of politician. She’s imperfect, and has made compromises, but I’ve never seen a serious accusation that she’s tried to sell out all of her supporters, and half of her own party.  And if she is that kind of politician, why be so angry on her behalf?  There’s no reason to respect someone who’d do that.

Maybe the simple explanation is the best one: that Clinton is someone who believes in the Democratic party, and that she endorsed Obama because she believes that he can faithfully represent it.  She thinks she would have been a better candidate, but that Obama is a good one.  She doesn’t think the Democratic party is controlled by interlopers, or that her supporters have been disenfranchised.  She’s not selling you out.  Now that she’s lost the election, she’s honestly endorsing the nominee.

Or you could think that during the last week, Clinton became evil.


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