Plastics Bleg

I’m in coffee tree, and a woman just came in and asked about whether their water bottles were blah-blah-blah free (the specific acronym she used didn’t register with my limited google-fu).  Anyway, I am reminded that I’ve never succeeded in tracking down authoritative information on all these various health risks that are attributed to plastic water bottles, plastic tupperware and plastic everything elses.

So, does anyone know any credible information about the subject? I’m not necessarily looking for peer-reviewed articles–I ain’t so good at readin’ the scientific ones anyway.  But something more convincing than a bunch of posts by some dude on a forum somewhere?


2 responses to “Plastics Bleg

  1. Some things (like nalgenes and the lining of food cans) have Bisphenol A.
    Our government scientists say it’s really not that bad, but both Canada and the EU have considered banning it – at least in baby bottles.

    Really, it’s probably not the chemicals in the plastics that are going to get us, but the chemicals in the plastics mixed with the chemicals in everything else. We do testing on individual chemicals, but not combinations.

    Plus, minute amounts may actually be more dangerous than what we classify as “harmful.” For example, with uranium, the body can detect certain levels and acts to repair it, but at very levels, doesn’t notice and doesn’t start to fix things. But I can’t find that paper right now, so you’ll have to take my word for it…

  2. And by very high levels, I mean very low levels.