Not Cool, Barack

What the hell?


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  1. Oh my gawd. Get OVER IT! He apologized..something HILLARY CLINTON TAKES WEEKS TO DO, IF SHE EVEN DOES IT. Something MCCAIN STILL CANT DO.

    A real man/woman can say sorry when they are wrong

    and a good president might make minor mistakes like calling someone “sweetie” but a good president doesn’t vote on an uneccessary war!

    Sweetie isnt anything important…so “what teh hell” to you!

  2. Indeed he did.

    If you look around, instead of blindly reacting, you’ll see that there’s four posts defending Obama on my front page alone–I’m not someone with an axe to grind. I don’t think that this is something important, but I do think it’s stupid and kinda patronizing.

  3. When you go thru catagories and click on a persons doesnt bring you to their main page…it brings you to their instead of blaming me for being blind because I didnt investigate your entire blogg and instead, read the blog I clicked on, how bout you take this as a lesson to state your opinion in the blog that you right instead of saying “what the hell?”

    what the hell, why did obama call that lady sweetie?

    or what the hell why are they talking about it?

    you obviously didnt clarify what your “what the hell” meant..and just linked it to a negative story about obama..

    so dont blame me or insult my interpretation of your one sentence blog..thx

  4. and the title says “not cool, Barack”..sounds like your insulting him…cmon be real

  5. Calling a professional woman sweetie is patronizing. It suggests that
    her question isn’t worth answering, that she’s not to be taken seriously. So yes, I am complaining. Where you go wrong is thinking that anyone who criticizes Obama is a mindless McCain or Hillary supporter. I’m an Obama supporter, but that doesn’t mean that I have to grin when he does something wrong.

    If a friend did that, I’d tell him “not cool” if I was in a forgiving mood.

  6. When you got GOP calling him Tarbaby, tiger woods, and “boy”…or talking about him dodging bullets…or Ray Larsen threatning his life and people in KY and WV saying out right they wont vote for him because he is black…the word sweetie is SO not a big deal….His actions in regards to the rights of women should speak for themselves..not a habit of saying sweetie..its a real petty thing to even make news…

    whats funny though, is ..he will be the first to admit he is not perfect…when his imperfections are called out and he doesnt comment fast enough, he is at fault for not reacting quickly.

    Now that he makes a small mistake that I dont even consider wrong …he reacts quickly to apologize to the reporter.

    Hes still wrong…the man cant win for losing..

    Whats worse, is when his “supporters” are magnifying the small things he does..instead of magnifying the large things Clinton or McCain or Bush has done…

    There are alot bigger things to talk about then nit pick the man for calling a woman sweetie…which is mostly used as a term of endearment.

    So while your disappointed in him

    As a fellow supporter, im disappointed in you.

  7. Justin, this is hilarious. Who is this person?

    To hellakali: Calm down. This is Justin’s personal blog. He’s not a wonk or pundit, he’s not hosted by any media outlet, etc. so I don’t think he should be expected to cover issues in a balanced manner. He can write about issues as they motivate him to do so. Again, calm. down.

  8. I kind of like seeing other women get all fired up by my man’s blog.

  9. Also, honey! your first flame war!

  10. oh and ALSO: mindless Hillary supporters? Now who’s being insulting?

  11. Kathryn….shaddup

    no one is excited..his blogis public..i can voice my opinion..if you cant handle people posting their opinions…then maybe you shouldnt be all up in peoples blogs…

  12. Justin, this has reached some critical level of ridiculousness.

    hellakali – I am not asking you to not post your opinions, I am questioning the rationality of your opinions. Post your opinions all you want, but remember, just because you’re entitled to have them doesn’t make them reasonable. And people are allowed to call you out on being unreasonable. Especially when you’re unreasonable on strangers’ blogs.

  13. I’m closing comments on this thread–I second the thought that it’s a critical level of ridiculousness.

    Hellakali, I’ll leave you with a rhetorical question. Did that initial comment work out well?