Nabokov Again

Although it’s been three weeks since it was actually news, I should note that Nabokov’s The Original of Laura isn’t going to be burned. One thing that I didn’t properly emphasize in my last post on the subject–which is incidentally a post I’m rather fond of–is how incomplete the novel would be. Nabokov’s work on the novel consists of 50 index cards stored in a bank vault. Even if they’re in shorthand, or otherwise compressed, that can’t be much. So while it’s quite interesting what happens to Nabokov’s last work, I doubt Dmitri Nabokov is right in characterizing it as the distillation of his father’s genius.

This also reminds me that it’s quite disrespectful that I haven’t yet read Ada, though it’s sitting on my bookcase. I think I shall have to remedy that soon.


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